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Workforce Outreach

Workforce Outreach

The Workforce Outreach Toolkit aims to help Job Corps centers plan engaging events with various audiences—such as employers, workforce boards and community organizations. The toolkit has materials for three event types for your center. Each event has its own materials and audience-specific resources to help reach your individual center’s employer-focused goals.

Workforce Outreach Toolkit Overview

This product gives an overview of the Workforce Outreach Toolkit. The goal of this toolkit is to help centers make connections and plan engaging events with audiences such as employers, workforce boards and community organizations.

Student career training expo

Engage with Local Employers and Community Leaders

The goal of this event is to highlight/showcase your center’s different hands-on training programs by inviting local employers and community leaders to see your students in action. 

Career fair

Connect soon-to-be Graduates with Employers

This type of event strives to connect soon-to-be Job Corps graduates with employers looking to hire and fill open positions. A career fair is ideal for centers who have a large or fairly large population of students who are graduating soon. 

Employer Roundtable

Engage With Employers, Workforce Councils, Community Leaders, Elected Officals, etc.

The Employer Roundtable is an opportunity to gather feedback from employers on their hiring needs and expectations, their interest in potential partnerships and their thoughts on your centers training curricula and equipment.