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Employer Outreach

Employer Outreach

Build and strengthen your center’s relationships with local employers and business organizations (like Chambers of Commerce and state workforce boards) to enrich your students’ training experience and help them start their careers post-graduation. The materials and resources on this page will help you reach employers and business groups to share why Job Corps students are critical members of your workforce and community. 


These introductory emails, talking points and materials can help you get the conversation started.

Additional Resources

Keep Employers and Business Organizations Engaged

Share this web page with employer and business contacts during your outreach to encourage them to learn more.

Stakeholder Engagement Webinar

Learn about Job Corps materials, communications and other resources available to help you build stakeholder relationships. Watch our Stakeholder Engagement training webinar.

Share Your Contacts

Our Job Corps National Stakeholder Contacts Database shows the collective strength of Job Corps—every partnership, every community. You work hard to build these strong stakeholder relationships that bring new students to your campus and get your graduates hired. Tell us about them!

partnership Videos

These videos can be shared with employers or business groups, showing them why Job Corps works. The industry-specific videos can be used to supplement the partnerships overview video titled “Job Corps Partnerships: Training and Working with Job Corps.”

Job Corps Partnerships: Training and Working with Job Corps

This video provides an overview of Job Corps and highlights the importance of community and business partnerships. It can be shared with employers or business groups, showing them why Job Corps works.

Job Corps Partnerships: IT Industry

This video focuses on the IT industry and highlights the training students receive at Job Corps in a variety of high-growth IT career areas. 

Job Corps Partnerships: Union

This video focuses on Job Corps’ union affiliations and union partnerships, showcasing how Job Corps helps bring skilled laborers into the workforce ready to take on these careers critical to our local and national economies. 

Job Corps Partnerships: Health Care Industry

This video focuses on the health care industry and provides an overview of the importance of Job Corps partnerships. Through partnerships, Job Corps health care students gain the experience, skills and credentials needed to take on the front lines. 

Job Corps Partnerships: Green Jobs

This video focuses on how Job Corps is training students to work in a green economy and an ever-growing green future by providing hands-on training in areas such as forestry, solar and wind energy, and electric vehicles. 

Job Corps Partnerships: Automotive Industry 

This video focuses on the automotive industry and the hands-on experience Job Corps students receive through partnerships with employers at the forefront of a continually evolving industry.