Signing Day Resources

This resource package includes the following items:

  • About Signing Day: The About Signing Day piece is a brief overview of the Signing Day events and walks through the goals and opportunities of Signing Day.
  • Signing Day Advisory Template: The advisory template can be used by center staff when promoting their Signing Day event to the media. Use this template to plug in your information and send to media.
  • Signing Day Release Template: The release template can be used by center staff when disclosing information with the media about your center’s Signing Day. Use this template as a guide and plug in your information to share with the media.
  • Signing Day Sample Agenda: The sample agenda can be used as a guide when building out your center’s agenda for your Signing Day event. This can be used as a jumping-off point when planning your individual day.
  • Signing Day Social Media Tips: To help build momentum before Signing Day, use this piece as a guide when sharing photos, videos and content to Job Corps’ social media. Share all your content to for a chance to be featured on the Job Corps social media channels.
  • Small Signing Day Event Checklist: The small event checklist will help your center ensure that you have the necessary decorations, supplies and items to host a Signing Day event.
  • What Signing Day Events Can Look Like: Not sure what your Signing Day is supposed to look like? Take a look at this piece to get an idea of how to make it fun, memorable and significant for your students on campus.
  • Whom To Invite to Signing Day: This piece will give you an overview of whom you should reach out to and invite to your center’s Signing Day. These guests will help make the event feel special and official to the students.