Female Outreach Resources

This resource package includes the following items:

  • Female Event Toolkit PowerPoint: The Female Event Toolkit PowerPoint is a template your center staff can use when hosting a female-centered recruitment event. Use this piece to organize your presentation and draw in the interest of these prospective students.
  • Female Center Follow-up E-Mail: The Female Center Follow-up E-Mail contains a template for center staff to use after a female has visited the center. Plug in your contact information and include a call to action in order to keep the interest in the Job Corps program ongoing.
  • Female Community E-Mail: The Female Community E-Mail contains a template for center staff to use in order to reach out to local community groups to share recruitment events, materials and more for females. Customize this template to your center and recruitment events to bring in warm leads.
  • Female Community Groups: This piece will help guide center staff through reaching out to community groups in your area to recruit females. The Female Community Groups piece has a list of organization examples that have a larger female population.
  • Female Event Ideas: This piece is to be used by center staff when planning female-centered recruitment event ideas. Use this guide to build upon your own ideas and bring in more females on center.
  • Female Outreach Flier: The Female Outreach Flier is to be used when promoting a recruitment event for warm leads. To customize this material for your event, please reach out to jobcorpsmaterials@mpf.com.

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