Job Corps’ 60th Anniversary Toolkit Available Now

This year marks Job Corps’ 60th anniversary. To celebrate our program’s anniversary, the following materials and resources are available for campuses to celebrate locally in their own way. Staff are encouraged to utilize these resources to cohesively brand and build awareness that speak to the local culture and traditions of your campus—and in a way that centers and our students incorporate their voices!

Staff are also encouraged to use the 60th anniversary celebration as an opportunity to invite local leaders, partners and community members to your campuses to showcase our students’ potential and learn more about how to support and partner with Job Corps. This is a chance to show local communities who Job Corps is today and give them an idea of where Job Corps is headed.

In this suite of materials, you will find:  

Additional toolkit items such as 60th anniversary standing banners, yard signs and other merchandise will be coming soon to the Job Corps Marketplace and will be available to order and purchase. These materials will help celebrate and promote Job Corps’ significant milestone at local events. 

The 60th Anniversary toolkit can be found here.