Job Corps Youth 2 Youth Student Initiative 

Across the country, we’re battling the effects of lethal drugs and violence, as well as growing rates of mental health struggles, in our communities and in our schools every day. 

It’s time to make a change. 

We’re launching Job Corps Youth 2 Youth and asking students to lead the charge and help raise Awareness, take Action and hold each other Accountable.   

Y2Y seeks to: 

  • Talk about violence, drug use and mental health in our community.    
  • Empower one another to prevent violence and drug use, as well as take care of our mental health.    
  • Share stories and talk about solutions to help others and support our community. 

The Y2Y toolkit serves as valuable resources to students as they launch their Y2Y programs and plan activities on their Job Corps campus and surrounding communities, which has assets and information to help inform students about this initiative and coordinate events on campus. This toolkit contains: 

  • What Is Y2Y? Flier 
  • Y2Y Student Ambassador Program Overview 
  • Y2Y Meeting Startup Checklist 
  • Y2Y Get Involved Flier  
  • Y2Y Pledge Cards 

The Y2Y Initiative overview and the other Y2Y toolkit materials can be found here.